A forest plot of land offers many options. It is an ideal place to design your garden with simplicity and harmony with the landscape. Dense plant cover and trees are a huge asset and provide a perfect base for a unique forest garden. Such garden allows you to appreciate the proximity of nature, relax, distance yourself and look at everything from a different perspective.

Forest gardens – natural designs filled with character

The most important advantage of a forest plot of land is its unique microclimate, which, like no other, makes it possible to create an extraordinary garden. Natural land development is a big plus – the forest character of the plot means that it is not necessary to plant too many new plant species in order to produce a spectacular result. Naturally occurring trees and plants determine the character of the garden and make its appearance unique. When designing a forest garden, it is only necessary to subtly arrange the nature, which means make our dream design integrated into the landscape and thus create a harmonious whole. You do not have to interfere with what is perfect in its simplicity. Spectacular effect guaranteed!

A piece of forest on your plot of land

What makes forest gardens so exceptional? The main reason is the stacked vegetation system, with shrubs and lower trees growing over charming perennials, mosses and lichens, crowned by high trees above. A forest garden can be attractively decorated with beautiful ivy overgrowing the trunks. We can assure you that the effect is magical! Plants in the garden are its natural “residents”, so they are perfectly adapted to the environment and do not require complicated care. Forest plants take care of themselves on their own and are delightful all year round – such garden changes its character depending on the season, but even in winter, when nature seems to be sleeping, it surprises with its beauty and uniqueness.

Go natural

To avoid damaging the natural beauty of your garden – as a forest itself is a unique scenery – natural surfaces, made of stone or gravel, as well as fences covered with climbers and simple garden furniture, for example made of wood or rattan, will be an ideal solution for your forest garden. Also a slightly rustic style may be added to the garden architecture by using bark when designing the garden. What should be avoided is artificial material. It is also inappropriate to plant alien species in the garden, which not only disturb the natural forest landscape, but also fail to provide the right conditions for growth, which makes such plants lose their attractiveness and even waste away.

A professional-looking garden? Trust our experts!

Starting a forest garden, which mainly focuses on naturalness and little intervention in nature, may not seem very complicated. But this is very misleading. In fact, it is a great challenge for designers! Although the beauty of a forest in your vicinity is an undeniable asset, it can also be a major difficulty, especially due to the relatively low insolation of the plot. Being specialists in the design and decoration of gardens of various types, we have a great deal of knowledge and many years of experience, which we use to create beautiful and unique designs that please the eye of household members every day. We will help you to create an ideal design and select the right plant species which are perfectly acclimatised to a specific forest environment and which naturally integrate into the forest area of the plot. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create your dream garden on a forest plot of land, taking into account your preferences and suggestions.