Maintenance of green areas does not have to be time consuming

Would you like to enjoy a well-maintained space around your home? A beautiful garden with neat shrubs and colourful flowerbeds? Do you think you do not have enough time to take care of your garden? Even when you live an active life, you do not have to give up the dream of a green oasis around your home. Trust our experience – not only will we deliver a carefully prepared design and decorate your space, but we will also take good care of it to let you relax surrounded by nature after your hard day at work.

A well-maintained garden by a single-family house or carefully manicured green space around a company is a perfect showcase of the building. An even cut lawn, neat flowers, well-lined trees and professionally trimmed shrubs make up the image of your home or company. Green areas require regular care, which is unfortunately time consuming. Few people want to spend their weekends mowing lawns or weeding flowerbeds when they live a busy life. A lot of people, even if they want to take care of their own garden at the beginning, sometimes realise that outside help is invaluable. It is also important to remember that vegetation must be maintained throughout the year and the type of work carried out vary in each season. How much time it will take to maintain a garden largely depends on its design. So why not rely on experts – not only when you are looking after your garden, but also when it is being designed.

Discover our services of greenery maintenance we offer in Warsaw

Our company offers regular and systematic nurture of green areas. We take care of both single-family house gardens and large green areas located next to companies. Our offer is comprehensive and includes lawn care, planting flowerbeds and hedges as well as forming shrubs and trees. As part of garden maintenance, we trim trees and shrubs to make them attractive and improve their statics. We protect vegetation from pests and ensure that green areas are properly fertilised. We offer service of planting and transplantation of vegetation that we carefully select, mulch and nurture.

Our priority is to make sure that the green space around buildings is comprehensively taken care of as to bring joy to its dwellers and fill the guests with admiration. With years of gardening experience, our service quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers, and each garden will repay with beautiful, healthy and well-maintained presentation. We will make your green space around your home or company look beautiful all year round. Interested in the professional care of green areas? Is Warsaw your place of residence? We will be happy to take care of your garden, so do not hesitate to contact us!

We provide landscaping services and we work in several areas:

The completeness of this service is our asset, as in addition to typical garden work, it also includes earthwork, paving, masonry, irrigation systems, wooden components of landscaping and garden lighting. Following the good gardening practices, we offer a variety of styles and solutions (Japanese, natural, classic, modern and rural gardens, roof gardens and terraces as well as conservatories)

  • interior greenery and plant care service to make sure that indoor vegetation is always well-maintained and fresh;
  • decorations for special events (holidays, banquets, conferences).

Our reliability is proven by testimonials provided by numerous companies and institutions as well as many satisfied customers.