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Green roofs – Warsaw. Modernity and ecology

If you value innovation and eco-solutions, take notice of the new trend that is becoming increasingly popular in our country, too. Green roofs not only look good, but also offer many benefits – environmental, social and economic ones. They create a very interesting visual effect which shows that your family members follow the trends and present a high sense of aesthetics.

Green roofs are filled with lush nature, which is a friendly and natural environment to rest and relax. Today, this solution is becoming more and more popular, although in the past it was only possible to see it in films. At present, green roofs are increasingly seen in our country as well, and this solution is becoming particularly popular in large cities such as Warsaw, Łódź or Cracow. It is not surprising! Big city inhabitants lack greenery, quiet and nature, and they appreciate such a substitute, which they can create on the roof of their home.

Green roofs are a great idea for an interesting yet practical decoration. They not only look good, but also act as a barrier to pollution, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They generate a specific microclimate in the area, and they are perfect for thermal insulation in both summer and winter. Thus, green roofs contribute to reducing the cost of air conditioning and heating. Other benefits of this innovative solution include providing UV protection that does not damage the structural and surface elements of the roof as much as in the case of a conventional design. Green spaces on the roof provide perfect noise isolation and provide the household members with peace and quiet. When designing green roofs in Warsaw, we have a wide range of possibilities – such a solution offers many design options. Roof gardens can be designed in any style and divided into specific areas such as paved pathways, vegetation spots and shaded areas for a bench.

Green roof design in Warsaw – an interesting design challenge

Creating green roofs is a serious challenge. With many years of experience, we understand the importance of securing the roof surface to prevent moisture and adjust the individual components in order not to load the roof. Our professional approach and knowledge ensure that there are no damp patches, fungi or mould inside or outside the building. Such green spaces are often made above the last floor of tall buildings with many flats, in which case we are even more attentive to the ease of care. We offer vegetation that is robust, undemanding, easy to grow, and also attractive. Green gardens can also be successfully placed on roofs of single-family houses – even a small area can be used to create a plant and flower spot to allow the household members to relax in nature. This will certainly make your home stand out in the building development.

Green roofs? Warsaw deserves it! Get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with more information and help you create your dream garden space on the roof. In large cities, there is a shortage of green spaces, so a small plot does not have to prevent you from making your dream of a garden come true. It does not have to be in front of your house! It might as well be located on the building!