Our services include designs of home gardens, public venues, offices and terraces. We implement comprehensive projects of green areas and gardens. It is a multi-step operation which consists of earthwork (land levelling, replenishment of the topsoil), distribution of irrigation and lighting systems as well as typically garden work (planting vegetation and fitting lawns), as well as landscaping (ponds, fountains, arbours, paths, walls, driveways). We coordinate all the work related to the formation of the garden by working with paver, carpentry, electrical and sculptural companies, etc.

We also make GARDEN REVOLUTIONS, i.e. transformation of existing gardens. As part of such transformations, we most often:

  • remove or trim the existing plants which have grown too much and are starting to be obstructive,
  • reclaim the lawn,
  • add order, harmony and “vibe” to the existing plant compositions by transplanting old plants and planting new vegetation,
  • suggest children space solutions,
  • add new, interesting places in the garden,
  • assign a dedicated space for pets that have joined the family.

We will be happy to help you reorganise your existing garden.

We also deal with the systematic and regular maintenance of gardens and green areas we created.

To have a look at the projects we completed visit our web pages. These are home gardens and other facilities based on our own designs. We also present 3D visualisations that can help you make decisions about how to cooperate with us. We can assure you that designing and maintaining green areas are what we specialise in.