Japanese-style gardens – what are their distinguishing features?

Stone sculptures, streams and boulders are just examples of the inherent components of a Japanese garden. If you dream of a garden out of the Cherry Blossom Land, with our help you will get an oriental character for your plot of land. Most importantly: Japanese-style gardens fit into any space – both very small and extremely large one.

Regardless of the size of your plot, Japanese gardens must be fine-tuned in every detail. There is no room for a chance or mess – on the contrary, the location of every flower and shrub or sculpture must be well thought-out. The space should be neat and elegant. The most characteristic feature of a Japanese garden is the fancifully shaped vegetation so what stands out in this type of a garden is small-flowered or Japanese pines and potted plants such as ficus that can be formed easily. Plants which symbolise longevity, including the evergreen ones, are also taken into account. Green is the leading colour in the garden, while colourful flowers are just an invigorating addition. Bonsai trees are particularly popular and provide a unique look.

Japanese gardens promote contemplation

Japanese-style gardens are not just about greenery. They also include water tanks with colourful fish as well as waterfalls and streams. According to the Japanese symbolism, water means life, movement and transiency, so it should be present on the terrace or in the garden. On the other hand, stone symbolises durability and constancy of things, which makes it an excellent addition to water elements. The best option would be uncut boulders and gravel squares that will subtly emphasise the natural character of the space. The boundaries of a Japanese garden are slightly blurred – in small spaces some trees may grow beyond the borders of the premises, while on larger plots the garden should go beyond its borders in an unnoticed way. This is a guarantee of a harmonious landscape. Walking in such a carefully designed space will certainly encourage contemplation. Because the landscape is rather restrained than overwhelmed by bold colours, the garden is perfect for relaxation and enjoying yourself. Spending your time there is a real treat for your soul and body!

If you dream of a Japanese corner in your garden, you have reached the right place. We design, decorate and create gardens in the characteristic Japanese style. Small Japanese gardens are modern proposals that we will be happy to create for you. We have already made hundreds of such designs, so we guarantee our knowledge and expertise in this area. If you look for a unique solution for yourself and want your garden to stand out from the gardens of your neighbours, a Japanese garden may be the right choice for you. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to talk about your garden!