A garden is a beautiful place where you can relax and interact with nature, and it is a genuine decoration of the plot of land. If you want the plant composition to please the eye and emphasise the beauty of your premises, your garden must be well thought-out and properly created. This is a very labour-intensive and difficult challenge. If you want to enjoy a beautiful plant composition, it is a good idea to use professional services.

First of all – a design

In order to create a stunning garden, you cannot proceed to work without preparation. It is very important that everything is planned carefully. That is why we create a detailed garden design before we even start. On this basis, it is possible to optimise your entire space and design a beautiful plant composition.

Our designs are always based on communication with the customer. We also take into account the conditions on the premises when preparing a design so that we can choose the right plant species and arrange them as to give them the best conditions to grow.

Designing a garden tdoes not, of course, mean just choosing and distributing plants. It also includes other components such as landscaping, paths, terrace positioning, lighting, lawn positioning and other aspects. We can also design a space with separate seasonal zones, e.g. for vegetable cultivation or spaces divided by the purposes they are supposed to serve, e.g.: recreational or decorative areas.

Before we proceed to work, we ask the customers about their expectations and needs, so that we can understand the customer's exact preferences and make sure the final result matches them. It is also very important to take into account the structure of the premises. If there are slopes or other natural landforms, they will look great in the final composition. We can design space in any style, such as modern, Mediterranean or Japanese one.

It is also very important to determine how much time the customer will be able to spend on caring for the garden. Planting sensitive and demanding vegetation for somebody who does not have time or willingness to deal with it, would defeat the purpose. Once the land development plan is completed, we provide the quote for the service.

Design execution

Once the plan and quote are accepted by the customer, the next step is to implement the project. Our employees are experienced and skilled specialists and carry out all the projects with full professionalism and attention to detail. This makes us achieve a fully satisfactory result every time.

What steps are taken to create a garden?

Depending on the objectives of the project, these include:

  • planting vegetation,,
  • installing water systems,
  • fitting a lawn,
  • landscaping,
  • preserving the plants,
  • preparing the surface,
  • fitting light installation.

Why use professional services?

Creating gardens by professionals is a service that lets you enjoy beautifully designed space without wasting your precious time.

What is included in the service?

As part of our services, we work with the customer to set up detailed space planning in order to prepare a detailed design. Once it is accepted by the customer, we proceed to the project implementation. After the work is completed, we also offer maintenance of the green areas.

It is a priority for us to create a garden that will provide maximum satisfaction for our customers. It is particularly important for the space to be comfortable and conducive to leisure and recreation. For this purpose, we make sure that each garden meets the specific needs and preferences of the customer. We offer support at every stage of the project implementation, and our employees are very happy to share their expertise and provide expert advice.