A neat presentation of business premises has a positive impact on customers or business partners’ reception, and is a sign of prestige. As part of our services, we provide companies with plants for the office, to make the space look good and become more friendly. Adding greenery to interiors also results in fewer stressful situations among the staff members. When you look at the palm tree or dragon tree you can easily calm down and your eyes can relax, which is especially useful when you spend hours in front of the computer. Many years of research also prove the positive effects of indoor plants on the health for those who are exposed to vegetation for some time. Plants absorb harmful substances that are released from artificial carpets, furniture and equipment. They provide oxygen and increase humidity in the room. Hence, adding a variety of plants to the interior is not just a question of aesthetics, but also a health issue.

With the appropriate office design, you can highlight the advantages of each room while reducing the time required for maintenance of the plants. As we provide our services in Warsaw, we always make sure that the flowers or shrubs proposed meet the needs of the company and match the interiors, but also absorb harmful substances from the environment as much as possible. We also select the plants in terms of light or other conditions that are necessary for their proper growth.